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    1.   These general Terms and Conditions (“Terms of Use”) shall apply to  all aspects of use of the website (the “website”), the betting Account and the gaming and gambling products and services operated by Neomobile NV (“”) (a company duly organised under the laws of India) via the website.

    2.   The general “Terms and Conditions” apply to all Booster99 customers playing on all our platforms which include the website, the mobile platform (site, app, USSD or SMS), telephone betting platform in India. We provide an online platform for sports betting to all registered customers. To give our customers the most, we also this robust betting platform for virtual games, casinos and other products from time to time, where these terms and conditions will apply.

    By using and/or visiting any section (including sub-domains) of the website or any other applications that we own and/or registering on the website, you agree to be bound by
  • These Terms and Conditions including Privacy Policy, anti-money laundering policy, bonus and payments policies;


  • The Rules applicable to our betting or gaming products including terms and conditions and/or rules concerning bonuses, promotions and special offers which may be advertised in any part of our website; Any further terms and conditions contained in any of the software which you may download in order to be able to use the services we provide. All these are deemed to have been accepted and understood with all Terms and in totality.

Kindly ensure the “Terms and conditions” are read carefully. If you do not accept the Terms, do not use the Website or mobile platform.  The Terms and Conditions contained herein represent the complete, final and exclusive agreement between the Customer and the Company and supersede any and all prior agreements, representations, understandings, statements made by its agents and its employees.


  • While reading the terms and conditions kindly take note of these references: “User” and “Customer”, “You” and “Your” refers to you, the person accessing the Service and accepting the Company’s terms and conditions. Whenever the Customer uses the service such as to place a bet or to participate in any of the promotions offered, he agrees to be bound by the Terms of Use, including any amendment which may periodically take place.


  •   By using the service the Customer confirms that he/she has reached the age of 18 or such legal age as he/she must have reached under the laws governing betting that are applicable to him/her. Irrespective of national regulations concerning the legal age, however, Booster99 does not accept any Users under the age of 18 and applications from any form of incorporated or unincorporated legal entity. Booster99 reserves the right to verify any Customer’s statement of age and status, and to exclude Customers from its services, if there are any doubts regarding the attainment of the minimum age required or applicant’s identity. Any Customer using our services, who is identified as underage or who has registered an account with the false information about their identity or status, shall have all his winnings forfeited and his/her (betting) account (hereinafter referred to as the “Account”) shall be blocked immediately. You agree to comply with all of the terms and conditions, and that failure to abide by these terms and conditions may result in disqualification, account closure, forfeiture of funds and/or legal action against you. If you have any questions as to these terms and conditions, we encourage you to seek independent counsel prior to checking the box.


5.Non-Commercial, non-professional purposes: The Customer’s interest in using the service is of a personal nature, and is to be used purely for personal entertainment. Any commercial and professional interest is discarded.


6.Any exception to the Terms of Use will be communicated in written form to the Customer. Any verbal statement made by Booster99 employees or affiliates will not be considered in case of a dispute.

7.Standard dates and times are based on IST (India Standard Time) unless stipulated otherwise.

8.Booster99 betting does not warrant the constant availability and functionality of all or any of its products. Booster99 may not be held liable and will be held harmless by the Customer for any damages, losses, costs, loss of profits or any other disadvantage a Customer may incur in connection with any disconnection from or the non-availability of any of the products offered by Booster99 for whatever reason.


9.Booster99 cannot be held liable in any case for any damage or loss caused directly or indirectly by the service or by its contents or by the contents provided by a third party, unless they are based on intentional or gross negligence.


  • Booster99 shall not be liable if the Customer is unable to place a bet due to congestion on the telecom network, SMS gateway, bandwidth from the telcos or internet service provider or any other electronic communication media used for the purposes of betting.


11.INR – Indian Rupee is the only currency in use.


  • The Customer agrees that the Company may use the name, town/city of residence and/or the image of the Customer for publicity or our own promotional material. The Company may contact the customer to provide such material and funds may be temporarily withheld until such time the requested material has been received. The Company would always make every reasonable attempt of contacting the Customer before using/requesting such material (reasonable is defined as three attempted contact attempts by telephone, e-mail or text message).
  • The Terms of Use can be changed at any time by Booster99 at its own discretion. All changes will become effective on their publication on our website, app etc.
  • If the customer considers any amend carried out to be intolerable, you may cease using the service.
  • The continued use of the Service after the date when the Terms of Use are meant to come into effect or any of the amendments are communicated, will correspond to a complete acceptance of the revision performed, whether or not the changes have been acknowledged.
  • It is illegal to use and/or abuse an error or an instance of incompleteness on the Client application, and/or in any of the Software and/or Services provided by Booster99. Should the customer detect or become aware of such an error or incompleteness, they shall:
  •   refrain from taking any advantage whatsoever thereof;
  •    keep strictly confidential such error or incompleteness;
  • upon detection or becoming aware of such error or incompleteness notify Booster99 immediately.

Registration, Security and Account management

  • Customers may open only one account. Should we identify any customer with more than one account we reserve the right to treat any such accounts as one joint account or close the account permanently.
  • Documentation to verify your account include:
  • A copy of the front and back of the Bankcard used on your account showing the first 6 and the last 4 digits present on the front of the card. Please ensure the last 3 digits at the back of the card are hidden (if applicable)
  • Scanned image of Passport or Government-issued ID
  • Recent Utility Bill or Bank Statement showing clearly your Name and Address.

Booster99 recommends that Account Holders send us their official personal identification documents even if this is not asked compulsorily. This will facilitate matters at the withdrawal stage. Account Holders wishing to send us such documents of their own free will may do so by emailing them.

  • It is prohibited for Customers to buy, sell or transfer accounts to other Customers.
  • Booster99 allows all its customers to choose their own username and password combination. Customers must keep this information secret and confidential as you are responsible for all bet placed on your account and any other activities taking place on your account.
  • If, at any time, a customer feels a third party is aware of his user name and/or password, such should be change immediately via the website. You are expected to inform any incident of hacking with requisite proofs at the earliest. If users feel their account is being used by a third party or its security has been compromised in any way, they need to expressly communicate this. Such account will be subsequently suspended.
  • Online customers will receive confirmation by electronic mail of their account’s details after registration and from time to time.
  • Customers agree to keep their username, password and security details strictly confidential. You should change your passwords on a regular basis, and never disclose to any third party. We will assume that any transaction carried out on your account is by you and notifications will be sent to electronic mails that you have provided. Customer should protect your usernames and passwords as cash in your pocket, failure to do so is at your risk and expense.
  • When a new account is opened the Customer is responsible for the accuracy and up-to-dateness of all the personal information and contact details provided, including name and date of birth, address, telephone number and e-mail address. Booster99 reserves the right to close the Account when the information provided is deemed to be false or inaccurate.
  • The Customer is entitled to apply for the closing of his Account whenever he/she wishes by requesting it to the Customer Service in written form. The effective closure of the Account will correspond to the termination of the Terms of Use. In case the reason behind the closure of the Account is related to concerns about possible gambling addiction the Customer shall indicate it.
  • In accordance with the legal period of warranty requested by law all the personal details saved in our system will only be deleted at your express request after the expiration of the respite period of seven (7) years.
  • A closed Account may be reopened when requested by its owner and granted by the Company. In such circumstances, he/she will be subject to the Terms of Use that are in force at the date of the re-opening.
  • Booster99 retains the right to exclude Users from his services at its discretion. In this case we will refund the residual credit balance in the Account using the same payment method provided upon registration, or any other payment methods adopted subsequently by the customer upon their appropriate verification. If the Account has been closed due to an infringement pursuant to the Terms of Use or to a prohibited behaviour leading to collusion, Fraud or whatsoever Criminal Activity, the residual credit balance may be forfeited. The same procedure will be applied to open bets that result in winnings.
  • If a Customer does not access his Account by “logging in” using his Account name and security details for any period of six calendar months, his account shall be deemed to be “Inactive”.
  • All personal data is stored in the database of the company and will not be passed on to third parties unless recurring the terms set out in the Privacy Policy Section. Booster99 reserves the right to relay suspected offender’s saved details to sporting bodies, authorities or any other third party, which deals with the investigation of offences concerning match or price manipulation. (for our Privacy Policy, please visit the specific section).
  • The right to access and/or use the Website (including any or all of the products offered via the Website) may be illegal in certain countries. You are responsible for determining whether your accessing and/or use of the Website is compliant with applicable laws in your jurisdiction and you attest that gambling is not illegal in the territory where you reside. The website does not constitute an offer, solicitation or invitation by Booster99 for the use of betting or other services in any Countries where such activities are deemed to be illegal. Each person should ensure that he/she would be acting legally in the Country where he/she is located while accepting the terms of through the website.
  • To maintain stringent security, Booster99 reserves the right to conduct a security review at any time, especially prior to processing the Account Holder’s withdrawal request to validate identity of financial transactions. To facilitate these security checks, Account Holders will be asked to provide such identification or other information or documentation. If Account Holders fail to comply with any security request, Booster99 reserves the right to void the Account and freeze the account’s monetary balance. Account Holders will be notified of such verification request by electronic mail and Account Balances will be forfeited if the requested documentation is not provided within 7 days.
  • By adding funds to their Booster99 gaming account, Account Holders also acknowledge that any payments made with any depositing option available, in particular Debit/Credit Cards, are irrevocable. In addition, the name on your Account must match your true and legal name, and identity and the name that is provided on your Account registration must match the name that is found on any payment account used to transfer monies into and out of your Account unless you have elected to use a different account when placing a withdrawal request.
  • Third-party electronic payment processors and/or financial institutions “Payment Processors” would process transactions related to your Account. You authorize Booster99 to instruct such Payment Processors to handle deposits and withdrawals from your Account in accordance with requests made by you using the Services. You shall be bound by the terms and conditions of the Payment Processors. Booster99 shall not be liable for unlawful behaviour or misconduct of any Payment Processor.
  • Withdrawal requests for funds that were deposited without game play history will not be processed in order to discourage Money Laundering.
  • All cashed out amounts are subject to the transaction limits and processing fees if applicable as set forth by Booster99 and may change from time to time in Company’s sole discretion. Further, the Company may report and withhold any amount from winnings as required by law, and in any event, all federal, state and local taxes due in connection with any winnings awarded to you are your sole liability.
  • In compliance to EFCC KYC (Know Your Customer) Policy, Booster99 will require a valid means of identification to enable us to process a withdrawal request for winning greater than INR 300,000. The acceptable valid means of identification are driver’s license, international passport issued by competent authority, national identity card, or voter’s card. If the event that we do not receive the required document, Booster99 reserves the right to hold the winning till validation is complete. Booster99 can change this threshold from time to time in order to ensure to the Government we have adequate measures for preventing money laundering.
  • If a customer is found making use of robotic, mechanical, or electronic or other devices to automatically make decisions in any game offered on website or if his actions would tantamount to Cheating or collusions would not be tolerated. Chargebacks or denials of purchase from Booster99 may lead to suspension of account and its held money.
  • Abusive / offensive language will not be tolerated by Company staff. Any violation of this policy will result in a suspension of playing privileges or such other action as may be required by the Company to ensure compliance.
  • For funds deposited sans transaction for twelve (12) months, the deposit shall get forfeited.
  • Booster99 upholds and complies with Indian Laws applicable from time to time and may report and withhold any amount from winnings as required by law, and in any event, all federal, state and local taxes due in connection with any winnings awarded to customers are their sole liability.



  • Booster99 will only accept bets made online or through a registered agent (bonafide, if they exist) that have generated a Booster99 betslip or Coupon ID, bets will not be accepted in any other form. The following rules will apply to the acceptance of bets:
  • a)   Irrevocable payments are received in full
  • b)   Bets will be processed in the order in which they are received
  • c) Bets will not be considered as accepted until they are reviewed by our operational Odd Compilers. The confirmation may be obtained by accessing the betting list from your gaming account. Only in such cases, the coupon is considered as accepted.


  • In Some circumstances a bet is confirmed, or a payment is performed by us in error. The following is a non-exhaustive list of such circumstances:
  • a)    Whenever the prices/spreads/terms offered by Booster99 are significantly dissimilar from those available in the general market,
  • b)     Whenever the prices/spreads/terms offered at the time the bet is placed are clearly wrong given the probability of the forecast occurring,
  • c)     Whenever a bet has been erroneously accepted on a market which should have been suspended or removed,
  • d)     Where a bet containing incompatible events is accidentally accepted, because of human or technical error,
  • e)     Whenever a settlement error is made while computing or crediting the amount of winnings,
  • f)     Any other situation that may be referred to as an error.

In all these cases Booster99 reserves the right to cancel all the bets accepted containing such an error, or to correct the mistake made by re-settling all the bets at the correct prices/spreads/terms that should have been available at the time that the bet was placed in the absence of the error.

  • Bets will not be valid if there are insufficient funds in your account. If bets are placed via a credit or debit card, they are not valid until we have received payment in full.
  • Booster99 reserves the right to amend, cancel, reclaim or refuse any bet or promotion, if suspicious activities like
  • In the event of any dispute the Customer agrees that the records of our server shall act as the final authority in determining the outcome of any claim.
  • When a bet selection is rendered void, in Single bets the stakes will be returned. Should your selection include a non-runner or a void selection in a multiple bet, then the bet will be settled on the basis of the remaining selections. In accumulative bets, the stake will stand for the remaining selections with a Double becoming a Single, a Treble becoming a Double etc.
  • The “maximum winnings / possible winnings” section is for information only and all bets will be settled upon the basis of the stake at the accepted odds.
  • If the venue for any sporting / live sporting event is changed, then all bets placed prior to the announcement of the change will be void.
  • The result of a sports event / race will be that which is declared by the relevant sport’s governing body immediately upon the conclusion of the event. If a subsequent inquiry results in changes to the previously declared result, the original settlement of bets will stand.
  • The live timer is used to ascertain if a bet cannot be placed before a goal or an important event during the match (like Send-off).
  • Bets inadvertently placed after the start of an event will be considered invalid, without prejudice to the other events which may be included in a multiple bet. The timings of the events may be subject to change as per the respective sports federation.
  • Our system calculates the winnings with high precision and then rounds off the values. For instance, if the total odds are 208.1987, it will be displayed as 208.2 by rounding 2 decimal places. The Winnings are calculated on the original odds and not the rounded figure.
  • All bets placed on the bookmaker are gambling agreements between the bettor and the Company. Up to the time of suspension of bets accepted by Booster99, all bets previously placed must be considered as a registered contract and therefore cannot be deleted. All bets once placed cannot be changed under any circumstances including even errors of omission.
  • If a bet needs to be evaluated by the trader, Booster99 reserves the right to reject the bet if the stake is deemed excessive or the bet placed is not aligned with the market.
  • No bots, crawlers etc that can damage the fair play of the events would be tolerated.
  • In the event that the Booster99 suspects any event manipulation it withholds the right, in its absolute discretion, to:
  • a)   suspend the offering of any event or series of events in any of its markets; and
  • b) delay and/or withhold payment on any event or series of events in any of its markets, until the integrity of such event or series of events has been confirmed by the relevant sports federation.
  • c) Further, in the case of active event manipulation being confirmed as having taken place on any event or series of events by the appropriate sports governing bodies, the company withholds the right, in its absolute discretion, to suspend any bets placed on such events, either by any individual identified as having possessed insider betting knowledge or information or by any other individual who in the reasonable opinion of the company is connected to, acting in conjunction with or in any way involved with such individual.
  • d)   If the company believes that match or price rigging has taken place, it reserves the right to relay the respective party’s saved details (information pertaining to the reservations or suspicions of the respective misdemeanour in question) to sporting bodies, authorities or any other third party, which deals with the investigation of such offences.



  • Customers have three days (3 working days) from the date of bet settlement to claim any winning bets.
  • The maximum winnings for any one customer in any one day shall On Million Rupee (INR1,000,000).
  • Statistics provided by the official score(s) provider or the official website of the relevant competition or fixture will be used to settle wagers. Where statistics from an official score(s) provider or official website are not available or there is significant evidence that the official score (s) provider or official website is incorrect, we will use independent evidence to support bet settlement. Should there be an incorrect result Booster99 reserves the right to delay the payout of the winning until it has completed its investigation. In the case of an incorrect odd, Booster99 reserves the right to reduce the odds to the correct amount at is sole discretion using the average of 3 websites of its choice.
  • Payout limits apply to each customer or group of customers who play the same or similar selection or combination of selections, even though divided into a series of bets, at different odds and even if carried out on different days or at different locations. If Booster99 suspects that one or more bets have been made following this procedure, it reserves the right to withdraw from these contracts considered abnormal and the total payment will be limited.
  • Booster99 reserves the right to publish the information of any winner for marketing purposes. Booster99 also reserves the right to invite the winner to its offices to take photographs to be used for marketing purposes before payment of the winning.
  • For any event where a specific rule is not specified on the Booster99 site, all decisions on such event will be up to its discretion.


Deposits, Bonuses, Promotions, Cash-outs and Withdrawals

  • By depositing funds into the customer’s Booster99 betting account, Booster99 is directed and we agree to hold them, along with any winnings, for the sole and specific purpose of using any intention to place sporting bets or other wagering as provided by the site. In such circumstances we may also report this to relevant authorities as a part of compliance.
  • There is no interest earned on deposits although you can earn bonuses as promotions in different forms. Booster99 does not provide advice regarding tax and/or legal matters. Similarly, no credit is given for the purpose of betting. In order to perform any transaction Booster99 may undertake any such verification checks as may be required by ourselves or by third parties (including, but not limited to, regulatory bodies) to confirm the legal ownership and the origin of the money implicated, the identity of the applicant and to comply with the relevant Anti Money Laundering Provisions.
  • Withdrawals will be remitted to the account as per the withdrawal request details. Withdrawals may be subject to the details of the account holder matching the details of the user. No withdrawal will be authorized if it appears to be linked with transactions predominantly performed with the purpose of allowing the transfer of money from a payment means to another. If such a circumstance occurs, the relevant amount may only be remitted to the player through the same payment means from which the money deposited into the player’s account originated.
  • All withdrawals from betting / gaming accounts will be subject to audit before being processed. If the audit shows that the Customer has violated the provisions of the Terms and condition, Booster99 may reclaim any bonuses or winnings previously attributed.
  • The Customer agrees not to attempt any charge-backs, reversals or otherwise cancel any deposit previously made in his/her Account. Whenever any such event should occur the Customer commits to refund Booster99 for the unpaid deposits and for possible expenses resulting from the recollection of the misplaced money.
  • Booster99 will hold the funds deposited in the Account as trustee for the Customer and not as his/her banker or debtor. Accordingly, there will be no obligation on the part of Booser99 betting to repay money to the Customer as his/her debtor.
  • Payouts handled manually through an ordinary bank transfer are processed within 5 banking days. However, the Customer acknowledges that the Banks determines when the payment is made and Booster99 cannot do anything to speed up banking process. As an alternative, withdrawals through, e-wallets such as Quickteller transfer etc. are usually processed sooner from the request subject to the charge levied and if option present. Booster99 reserves the right to carry out additional verification procedures for pay-outs exceeding a certain amount, or when there is a suspicion of misuse of accounts or money laundering. This may lead to some delay in clearing the dues although this is not a standard operating process for all withdrawals.
  • The customer can withdraw winnings from their deposited cash at any time on completing wagering requirements. Please note customers will be required to forfeit the bonus balance, should they withdraw the deposited funds before the bonus terms are met.
  • We stipulate a minimum withdrawal amount of INR 1000.  All withdrawals (wherever possible) will be processed back to the same payment method used to make a deposit on the account. This limit is again subject to change and effect prospectively. Maximum withdrawals per day are restricted to 1 lac Rupees per day which could be increased.
  • Minimum deposit is INR300. Wagering criteria to transfer the bonus to your wagering account is 15 times deposit and bonus.

74.If during withdrawal audit, any malpractice such as bonus stripping or bet editing is used, Booster99 reserves its right to reclaim bonuses or winnings previously attributed. All the bonuses are voluntarily taken by the bettors. Inadvertently not claiming bonus may force him to renounce this entitlement.

  • In order to withdraw your money, you might be requested to send us a requisite copy of your ID (front/rear). Whenever a transaction is made through bank transfer, credit card or electronic wallet, the 1st withdrawal request will be processed only after a security check has been performed. In such instances you may be required to supply the following papers together with the ID, in order to comply with Booster99 betting security policies without restricting to the following as on date:

In case of card transactions, a copy of both sides of the cards used duly signed by the owner; Full compliance with our requests will speed up the verification process and quicken withdrawals.

  • Certain bonuses may arrive directly into your gaming wallet. Acceptance of any Bonus results in implicit acceptance of additional terms and conditions we may make available to customers in respect of such bonuses, promotions, and special offerings. Booster99 betting reserves the right to withdraw at any moment any credited bonuses when a material infringement of the Terms of Use has been ascertained.
  • Booster99 reserves the right to deny admission or to terminate admission to any of the bonuses, promotions and/or special offerings, as well as to modify, suspend or discontinue their validity at its sole discretion and without informing the Customer.
  • Booster99 takes no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the contents of the information services, including, but not limited to the result notifications delivered via email, notifications and SMS. Likewise, all data in the live scores, statistics and intermediate results of the live betting product are subject to change. For further information about the rules concerning promotion/bonus offers, please refer to the respective rules.
  • If the turnover requirements are not met within 15 days since the bonus activation, then the bonus balance will be forfeited. 
  • Customers cannot have multiple bonus programs active at any one time. To activate another bonus program, the current bonus needs to be completed or expired except if expressly specified otherwise.
  • All money in the bonus account will be credited as real money after the requirements have been reached (see requirements for details of contributing and non-contributing bets).

Contributing bets are bets that are counted towards meeting the turnover requirements. Non-contributing bets do not count towards meeting the requirements. Example: Combination bets, Single and double bets, Voided bets, cancelled bets and bets that have been cashed out

  •   In the unlikely event that a bet is re-opened, the Booster99 reserves the right to specify the total contribution amount from that bet.
  •   Bet containing events finishing after the bonus expiry date will not be contributing.
  • Those Selections whose results are voided, half-won or half-lost are not added to the contribution criteria of that bet. For example, if a Draw-No-Bet is placed and a stake is given back due to a draw, such selection will not be counted. Nevertheless, if the other selections do meet the criteria, then the odd is contributing.
  •  The contribution on won bets is only added after confirming that the contributing criteria are still valid and have not changed since the placement time.
  • Promotional offers are limited to per person, family, household address, email address, telephone number, same payment account number (e.g. debit or credit card, Interswitch account etc), and shared computer, e.g. workplace. The operator reserves the right to forfeit the offer availability if the player is deemed to have already participated in the promotion.
  • Cash Outs are available when the events are in pre-match and live for single and multiple bets. System bets cannot be cashed out.
  • Cash Outs are not available if the odds of an event are suspended. 89.Cash Outs requests may have a time delay in accepting. During this delay, any price changes, suspension of markets, and any other system errors that are detected may cause the cash out to be rejected. Penalty for cash-out would be 6.5%.
  • On successful Cash Out request, the bet is settled and credited immediately (subject to payment gateway communication). The actual final result of the original bet will have no impact on the Cash Out amount. The company can reverse the settlement of a Cash Out if the bet or a market is wrongly settled.
  • Booster99 reserves the right to disable the Cash Out feature for any customer, shop or group of customers where it has reasonable grounds to believe misuse of the feature. Nevertheless, the company can change, suspend or remove completely the Cash Out feature (or any part of it) at any time for any event, fixture, market or customer. Any bets placed on such events, fixtures or markets will stand as originally placed. 92.Any bets that are settled using Cash Out will not count towards the wagering contributions of a first deposit bonus.
  • If the customer has not availed the cash out due to technical reasons or otherwise, the company is not responsible for losses.



  • In no circumstances will any delay, failure or omission (in whole or in part) in enforcing, exercising or pursuing any right, power, privilege, claim or remedy conferred by or arising under these Terms and Conditions or by law, be deemed to be or construed as a waiver of that or any other right, power, privilege, claim or remedy in respect of the circumstances in question, or operate so as to bar the enforcement of that, or any other right, power, privilege, claim or remedy, in any other instance at any time or times subsequently.
  • In the unlikely event of Virtual Sport without results, incorrect results or bets placed after the event has started due to technical circumstances that lie outside our control. Booster99 will refund any Virtual Racing bets and will be voided during office hours only.
  • Wherever our Website contains links to other websites and resources provided by our partners or other third parties, these links are provided for information only and we do not make any representations regarding the accuracy and reliability of contents available on such third-party websites. We have no control over the contents of those websites’ content.
  • The betting contract, as well as any other legal relationship between the Customer and the Booster99 betting, for every circumstance not regulated by the Terms of Use, is subject to Indian laws.