AML Policy

  • 1. Booster99 upholds national anti-money laundering measures and can conduct verification checks as may be required by ourselves or by third parties (including, but not limited to, regulatory bodies) to confirm the legal ownership and the origin of the money implicated, the identity of the applicant, and to comply with the relevant Anti-Money Laundering Provisions.
  • 2. Booster99 reserved the right to delay or withhold payment to a user where there is a suspicion of money laundering. We collect requisite documents demanded or to be demanded by the Indian Laws.
  • 3. While we keep user data private and secured, we are bound by investigation agencies looking into laundering issues.
  • 4. Money deposited in your account cannot be withdrawn without wagering as per the requirements to prevent money-laundering. Withdrawals will get processed and money remitted to the same account from deposited to prevent laundering. Receipts from 1 channel like through agents cannot be paid off through any other channel.
  • 5. All Payouts beyond will get effected only after KYC. 
  • 6. All deposits that don’t get utilized within 6 months shall be examined for money laundering and beyond a year, we apply charges to these deposits.